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HR20: 0x10b

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Since the last National Release; 0xFA
Items in Black are from 0x104
Items in Blue are from 0x108
Items in Purple are from 0x10b

This release was originally designated as a Release Candidate, and was available for forced download on 12/15/2006
This release is now being pushed out as a national release.

National Release this release has now gone national.

  • Manual Scheduled Recordings
  • Improved Reliability of Recordings
  • Additional stability fixes , continued improvement, continued improvements
  • Closed Caption Text Accuracy

    [*]Music/Picture - ViiV fixes
    [*]During FF, occasionaly you will see it go BACKWARDS
    [*]Live TV Tuner Conflicts
    [*]Multiple HDMI compatibility fixes
    [*]Improvements to Dolby Digital Drop Outs
    [*]eSATA corrections for setups greater then 1TB

  • Improvements to Parental Controls
  • Trickplay playback
  • Improved Caller-ID Compatibility
  • Record options seperated into two distinct windows (no longer tabed) (Special Discussion Thread: Here)
  • History features will no longer include future canceled items, when caused by a reboot
  • History feature will now contain updated information on "why" things occured (Special Discussion Thread: Here
  • Prioritizer corrections

New Features
  • ATSC tuners activated; to allow the reception of Over the Air channels (Special Discussin Thread: Here
  • Added support of playing Music and Photos from a home network ViiV personal computer

Discussion Thread:
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The release notes have been updated, to reflect a few additional fixes since first posting.

The release has also been upgraded from Release Candidate to Release.
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