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  • Video playback freezing/black screen
  • Loss of trick play in a currently recording program. When this occured, the program recording would corrupt and would be unplaybe.
  • Canceled programs rescheduling. (Due to higher priority shows being canceled in conflict resolution dialogs, the background process would reschedule the higher priority show)
  • Find By Channel, would return results on "hidden" channels. This is NOT related to Favorites or Channels you receive.
  • Recording the same show, on channels with the same channel number, would result in a corrupted recording. (Example: Trying to record the show from the HD Local and the SD Local at the same time)
  • Adding extensions to a recording, via UPDATE... would not trigger conflicts.
  • Caller ID - "Call your service provider", should no longer appear if you are a Caller-Id subscriber.

  • HDMI - Additional compatibility updates
  • More stability fixes
  • Category guide filter performance

New Features
  • No new features where introduced with this version

Known Issues with release
  • Pixelization During FF/RW functions. Noticeable primariy in 1080i/720p MPEG4 recordings, while FF/RW the video play pixelizes. This is due to updates with the MPEG4 code (which was changed to address other issues), the pixelizing will be corrected in a future release.
  • During FF/RW motions, you may experience a LOOPING frame. The work around is to exit the FF/RW motion and use 30s SLIP, Reverse Jump, or normal playback to get past the point. This is expected to occur only with MPEG4 recordings only

  • The black screen recordings should now be corrected. However, programs recorded on previous versions of the software, may still not be playbable.

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