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Notice: This is a joint Release Note; Since 0xEB did not go national.
Items in BLACK are from 0xEB
Items in BLUE are from 0xEF

  • Program deleting from the MyVod before user action or delete criteria reached (space, SL settings, etc).
  • Prioritizer will remain in-sync with the todo list
  • Upon initial playback, content doesn't play and displays "DELETE" On-Screen Dialog
  • Additional Miscellaneous fixes (no specifics provided)
  • Improved accuracy of hard drive usage indicator

    [*]Dolby Digital ON/OFF; Toggling Inconsistencies
    [*]Jump to marked points in playback (End Points and TickMarks)
    [*]Native mode no longer incorrectly changes resolution during trickplay

  • 'Searching for satellite' message no longer appears while viewing a recorded program.
  • Improvements to Manual Recording Scheduling and reliability
  • Additional stability fixes
  • Improvements to HDMI compatibility.
  • TrickPlay motion smoothed video
  • 30s SLIP at faster speed
  • CC improvement
  • Additional stability improvements

New Features
  • All A/V Outputs are disabled when the unit is put in standby mode
  • Unofficial Support: eSATA will properly reflect full size of connected drive (or RAID)
  • 4x FF mode

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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