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HR20-100 and HDMI

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I have a HR20-100 which has been giving me some HDMI issues. I have routed the HDMI cable thru my Sony reciever then to the Monitor(TV). The problem is sometimes when items are turned on using Logitech remote the TV will not sinc(?) up and I just get a flashing screen. Sometimes have HDMI 720p and sometimes not. The fix has been shut every off(using the remote) then hit watch TV button and things will be fine. NOW Friday night came in from picking vegies and turned on the TV to watch the news. I could not get the HDMI cable to work. Tried direct hook up with a good cable(known), checked the DVD player, after trying cables and HDMI to TV is fine. Switched to the DVD cables no go. Composite works fine(TV). Used composite Friday night and Sat. morning decided to look some more. I could reset the HR20(remote reset and or red button) The HDMI port will work for a while. Then it stops again. I notice my Sony reciever would try to show source when the HDMI port was acting up. Flashing??!! Tried a diff. TV. I have ruled out the reciever switching, cables or TV. I am assuming the HMDI is going(Just like the built in video card on my computer did!). Now heres another quirk. HMDI was not working so I pushed the off button on the HR20. TV and reciever message no source. Turned the HR20 back on and had a working HDMI again. I guess I will have to call Direct TV and have this problem logged to the account. Any ideas?
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