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HR20-100 HDMI Audio kaput

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This morning while switching around channels the audio cut out on my HR20. It's connected to a Mitsu 52" LCD by hdmi.

Remote based reset hasn't helped nor has switching the audio settings via the menu. A TV power off and back on also hasn't helped. I connected std audio cables between the normal audio out of the HR20 to the set and again no sound.

The digital out from the HR20 to my Denon HT receiver does work.

The TV's sound works fine when I set the input to cable which is hooked up to comcast.

Any siggestions?

TV is under extended warranty and DVR is under svc contract with DTV
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2dogz said:
Go into setup>audio and try setting Dolby Digital to OFF. Sounds like Denon can handle 5.1 but TV needs PCM. Same with my TV.
Did that even though TV has been processing the DD stream for 2 years

It didn't make a difference
So a complete powerdown and unplug fixed the audio issue.

My prior HD Video setting were all hosed up but once I've gotten them all reset the only remaining problem is that CNN doesn't come in.

I never really watched it anyway.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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