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HR20-100/HR20-700: 0x0254 - Issues Only

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HR20-100/HR20-700 0x0254
National release began 7/16/08.

Note, this is a new format, combining all receivers into one thread. Please note your full model number and manufacturer on every post (e.g. HR20-700, R22-100).

Release notes:


Remember, of course... please keep all posts to issues only. If you have no issues, or simply want to discuss other issues related to this release, please use the discussion thread.

We ask that you keep polite and focused within this thread, and post as much detail as possible. If your receiver is set up for network issue reporting, please post the key generated by the receiver. Please continue to submit all examples of black or gray recordings: http://www.iamanedgecutter.com/Projects/BGRecordings and use the diagnostic reporting tool. DIRECTV is still focusing on eradicating them with our help.

Being part of the DBSTalk community means working together to help each other document issues and come up with solutions. While everyone gets upset from time to time, this is not the appropriate place for vents or rants. All off-topic posts and discussion will be deleted.

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Please note that this is now an omnibus thread for all HR20 receivers, so please put your complete model number with manufacturer in every post.

Here is a suggested format, although you are free to use your own:

Issue: Pixelation on local channel
Receivers affected: HR20-700
Diagnostic Key: 20080716-0122

Description: Watching So You Think You Can Dance on KTTV-MPEG4, I experienced pixelation at 10:15 local time. It cleared up by itself.
This morning I noticed that my machine rebooted. Checked the information screen and it now says I have version 0x00 installed on July 9th.

I previously had 0x251. What the heck?
Saw my HR20-700 had updated to 254 at about 1:30am.

And it was locked up this morning.
Issue: No Picture After 0254 Update
Receivers affected: HR20-700
Diagnostic Key: NONE (wish I could see a picture to get one)

I have two HR20-700's. I can confirm the downstairs one received the 0254 update early this morning and seems to be working just. In case it matters, that HR20-700 is connected HDMI to a Panasonic Plasma.

I presume since the downstairs until got 0254, the upstairs unit did too. It was working just fine last night. I was watching the All Star game until well after midnight Central. As of this morning, I am getting no picture. It is hooked up HDMI to a Toshiba Regza LCD. I have RBR'ed and power cycled NUMEROUS times to no avail.

Any thoughts? Anyone else having this problem? I do not believe in coincidences. This must have something to do with the update.
I would try hooking the receiver up via component or even composite to see if you can get a picture that way.
I downloaded this as a CE this last weekend but went to post in the CE issues and found it was closed as this went to NR...which is understandable.

In any event, on one of three HR20-700s running 0x254 I have lock ups occur when I put a recorded show in pause and then surf the guide. Upon exiting guide, I get a black screen and DVR is locked up. Must RBR to get it going again. Has happened two times doing same thing.
Receiver: HR20-700
Diagnostic key: 20080716-26BD

When I turned the receiver on the UI was slower than usual. Tried to run a signal strength test; it was very slow and all transponders were at 0.
After menu reboot, everything went back to normal.

Note: Diagnostic report sent before rebooting.
Sorry put this first in the discussion thread by mistake.

Update download at 1.36am today

1 item had been removed from my to do list. Fox 12 Sunday 10am F1 Racing. I went to the guide and the schedule for Sunday was there when looking at F1 in the schedule no record icon next to it. Had to press record button for it to set the program to record.
I got the 254 update and have 2 D* HR20-700's, the only problem so far is that the record lamp is now a color between amber and red,maybe orange..Other than that all is ok!
Originally Posted by lucky13
Issue: Picture frozen after pause; remote unresponsive
Model: HR20-700
Report: 20080712-1DA6

Similar to what others have reported. System will not respond after pressing PAUSE. Happens frequently, but not consistently.

Did not have the national release or previous CE on this box. Updated from 248.

Also--I have 4 HR20-700s. This occurs (so far) on only one of them.[/quote]

Happened again, on the same box, this time on a recording (SG Atlantis). Prior incident was live TV.

Issue: Pause program, system locks up; remote unresposive
RBR restores normal operation
Model: HR20-700
Report: 20080715-2149
doo4usc said:
I got the 254 update and have 2 D* HR20-700's, the only problem so far is that the record lamp is now a color between amber and red,maybe orange..Other than that all is ok!
That was a change to make the record light consistent with the HR21 series. Personally, I like it a lot better. It's a bit dimmer than the original amber, and doesn't stand out so much in a dark room.
Issue: Lockup after pause of recording
Receivers affected: HR20-700

Description: Twice while watching the Tour de France stage 11 (see edit) recorded from the early morning live broadcast on VS/Golf. Picture freezes when resuming from pause. Box becomes unresponsive to remote (no flashing power light). RBR required to recover.

This has only been happening for me when the recording is rather long. On 1/2 hour or 1 hour programs, this doesn't seem to be a problem.

This lockup happened with my recording of Stage 10 (from Monday morning) not this mornings stage 11.

Mia Culpa...
Receiver: HR20-700
Diagnostic key: 20080716-C5D
Description: Turned the receiver on an the screen was black. Channel up and down brought the picture back. The receiver was tuned on Fox Business News HD.
HR20-700 x0254

Lockup while pausing Live program twice. Totally unresponsive to any remote or panel button and required RBR. No other problems noted, but this was the first time this has happened in the 6 months I've had this receiver.
Receiver: HR20-700
Diagnostic key: 20080716-C5D
Description: Playing the Tonight Show recorded on channel 5 Seattle at 11:34pm PDT on 7/15/08 the screen is black and the keep or delete dialog appears immediately.
Pressing the instant replay the progress bar shows for a second: the length of the show is 1:02 (correct) and the current position is 2:32.
Has anyone had a lockup watching a show that was recorded AFTER getting the 254 update? I'm wondering if it's an issue with the recorded show?

Lock up while skipping on Koppel China episode 3. RBR to fix it. Recorded 07/11/2008

2 HR20-700s with latest CE on both (Mftr date10/07/06 made in Mexico)
HR20-700 lock up while watching Generation Kill. Had to RBR. This was recorded after the D/L on Friday Night.
Prioritizer list error:

Found my two series links listed as #9 and #10. See image.

HR21-700 0x0254 Downloaded @1AM PDT 7/16/08

Note: 0x251 was never pushed to this machine, nor any betas. eSata: Seagate 1GB in Antec MX-100 chassis.
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