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HR20-100 running hot with fan constantly running

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One of my receivers is an HR20-100 hooked with WHDVR and internet. Over the last 3 days or so the fan has been constantly running on it and when I checked the setttings for the internal temperature it was 113 degrees. I did have a Playstation 3 sitting on top of it but no vents were blocked. I removed the Playstation 3 this morning and the temperature did drop some but the fan was still running. Is this HDDVR about to die? Will Directv send a replacement for it running hot without any other issues? I have been wanting it replaced for a long time now since it is so old but each time I call with a problem they seem to patch it up and keep it working. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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I had a similar problem with my HR-20 and it turned out it was the hard drive itself. The temperature sensor is on the hard drive and it (the sensor) malfunctioned. The fan always ran full bore because it thought the temperature was high when, in fact, it wasn't, but shortly thereafter, a DTV update took out the hard drive which may have had issues to begin with (well, it did with the temp sensor), and I decided to replace it (owned receiver). Has worked fine since and I got a big improvement in storage space as well.

Not that this is your case, but it might be.
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