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HR20/100 Tuner Problem

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I'm sure I'm answering my own question here, but every once in awhile someone comes up with a gem (fingers crossed)

Hr20-100 (second unit, btw) has been working fine with an external SATA drive. Woke up this AM and there's no live tv picture. Menus work fine, recorded programs work fine, but nothing live. Also, if I try and record something, no picture/sound either. Fan is running high all the time. If I reset the box, same thing. Runs through the setup just fine, downloads all the satellite info - then nothing

Genius that I am, I figure something happened to the tuner-but then I'm stumped. Hoping it's something else that I might be able to try/fix on my own as the answer from support will be "we'll send you another unit" - but I'm not anxious to lose my programming in the exchange. (Side note:how hard would it be for them to come up with a way to transfer programming in these situations? Maybe allow you to reset some encryption key on the external drive to link it to the new box. Just thinking out loud here)

Also-there is another box in the house running off the same sat with no issues...

So, anyone got any ideas on what I might try before calling tech (un)support?
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Do you have MRV, AKA Whole House, or the iPad App? If so can you see the "dark" box's playlist?

Have you tried a different video output?
Happy ending! (fingers crossed)
Opened the box and swapped the HD for one that I had lying around. Fired her back up and she formatted the disk and everything looked good. Held my breath, rebooted while plugging in the external SATA and success!
Unit is now working, and I can still watch the programs I've stored on the SATA drive over the past couple of years.
Last time this happened it was the HD controller, so this method wouldn't work. But for a "simple" dead HD - worked like a champ!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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