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HR20-100 Video Stutter

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Ok, I posted this over in the programming forum and was told that I might want to post it here, even though I do not think it is a specific receiver issue, since people with different models have been having these issues. The issue deals with stutter on specific channels. Here is the post if anyone can help:

Well the Stutter/Sputter fest continues. Watching some college Football today, and noticed a few small glitches on ESPNHD, nothing big. During the commercials I jumped around to see what shows were on (2:45 PST approximately), TNTHD "We were soldiers", a complete stutter mess, no way someone could watch it. FXHD "Firewall" same thing as TNT. USAHD "House", not as bad as the other two, but still pretty ugly.

This has been going on since last year with the new HD channels on 103. I know TNT has been switched to 99, but the issues seem even worse now.
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Does the stutter also accompany pixelated breakup? Occasional breakup on HD channels only is a classic indicator of a misaligned dish.
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