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HR20-700 Aduio Clicks/Snaps

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Hey folks!

I've been a relatively avid reader of this forum (off and on) and have decided it's time to ask my first question.

Lately, I've noticed that my HR20-700 (0x254), connected to an Onkyo TX-SR805 via HDMI, seems to click/snap a loud sound once in a while, sometimes frequently. I couldn't tell you if it is only during a recording or if it's also for live TV (I never have time for live TV).

The most recent was tonight's NCIS recorded in HD via Satellite (not OTA).

Any info or ideas would be a great help!

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:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

I had a similar problem a while back mostly with ABC programming in Los Angeles. It disappeared roughly the time their picture quality improved, so it makes me think that somewhere down the line someone replaced an encoder.

I found that turning Dolby Digital off would make the problem go away (although what fun is that)
I have an HR20-100 connected to a Sony Surround Sound receiver with fiber audio (whatever that is called) and regular RCA plugs to the TV.

I experienced audio popping/cracking on Sunday and Monday on NBC D* local, ESPN, and CBS OTA.

It happened both through the SS and through the TV.

It happened both on recorded programs and "live" programs.

To my memory, it did not happen on Tuesday after Monday's Reboot Madness.
I've just started noticing clicks in my audio, too. It happens every couple minutes. I just bought a new receiver, and I was hoping that it wasn't the cause. Apparently it isn't.

I can rewind and hear the click in the same spot.
I get it about 3-4 times per hour on our local CBS. However, the same thing happens OTA directly thru the TV's tuner so it has nothing to do with DirecTV or it's receivers. Also, it's been a problem with that station for over 6 years and they still can't fix it.
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