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HR20-700 'Freezes' while changing channels

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So, I hooked up my HR20-700 in the bar last night, setup the remote to RF, have it hooked to my TV via HDMI, and also have it hooked up to my stereo via Component/Composite Audio. Everything worked great.

-24 hours later-
"Hey, I dont know if anyone's told you yet but we keep having to reset that thing because it freezes on a channel" :scratchin
"It wont let us change the channel"

Sure enough, I take it out of standby, open the guide, select the next channel over.
Guide closes, no programming, banner at the top.
Receiver is unresponsive to remote. OK, maybe its an RF issue?
Receiver is unresponsive to front panel. Guess that rules out RF issue.
Everything is back to normal.

Call DirecTV. They note it on my account and tell me if I have the issue again to call back.

To hell with it. I did a reset everything. (had nothing to lose).
This thing was fine for the 3 months towards the end of last year.

I just wanted to create a thread now, so that if it continues to have issues I have documented everything I've done.
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And now that I think about it the title is wrong. It doesnt freeze/pixellate/anything while watching live TV.
It freezes when attempting to change channels.
Title changed.
Was this HR20 working last week in another building or is this the same building but different spot?

Multiswitch? Dish? Cable lengths?

Tried Component to the TV for awhile?

Tom Robertson said:
Was this HR20 working last week in another building or is this the same building but different spot?
Same building (same dish and switch) different cable (different room).

Tom Robertson said:
Multiswitch? Dish? Cable lengths?
2 WB68s in parrallel, AU9, this one is approx 17ft while before it was hooked up to 2 25ft'rs

Tom Robertson said:
Tried Component to the TV for awhile?
Stereo System doesnt have HDMI, so, to lessen confusion on the other users in the home, I set it up so that it was HDMI to the TV (Composite to the stereo system), and Component to the stereo system.

That way it could be used with the stereo system in standby, and its almost fool-proof if the stereo system is On.

Tom Robertson said:
Check this out.
So that started occurring yesterday.
I did the full reset when I posted the original message. Then I did the full 'reset everything' 2ce more before coming in here.

Called DirecTV, first gal told me I needed a svc call for a bad multiswitch. Yea... right.
Called DirecTV again and this gal told me I needed a replacement HDDVR (Go figure)

Talked with her about the troubleshooting I had attempted. Was surprised noone has asked me to do a S/W download.
After hanging up, I went in to set it back up for temporary use.
Tuner 1 is bad.
SFSS on Tuner 1.
Disconnected BBC, still SFSS on Tuner 1
Reconnected BBC, SFSS Tuner 1
Went into signal strength, all 0s
Disconnected BBC, connected to Tuner 2
High 90's (101 sat).
Reconnected BBC, Mid 90's
Disconnected BBC, connected to Tuner 1
All 0's.

Hot damn. So the problem was the tuner was failing the whole time.
I wish I wouldve told that to the rep, I wouldnt've had to go through the run around of explaining to one of the gals why the problem WASNT my dish/cabling/multiswitch.
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How many lines? I've never seen bad tuner 1 its always tuner 2.
So, low and behold, I recei my replacement recever from DirecTV.

For those that want but dont get, I truely apologize, I cant seem to get anything BUT HR20-700's.

DirecTV must know who I am through some kind of public place where information, tips, etc is shared/traded ;)
This receiver isn't going back to DirecTV either. Its going to Celestica (out of Fontana)
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