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HR20-700 with 0x57b menu issue

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Apologies if this has been discussed.
The new software was downloaded on 1/25/12. The problem is when you are looking at your 'to- do' list, or 'guide', or any menu, the bottom timeline stays active. This new timeline has a black background that is quite large. So if you, for example, are checking your settings, you can't see the options on the bottom, as they are under the timeline bar. I go into 'settings', 'sat & antenna', and I can only see 'view signal strength'. I can't see the two options below that. Is DirecTV aware of this? I've hated that timeline for 15 years. I only want it to pop up if I push a button to bring it up. But that's another matter.

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There have been a few reports of this. Resetting your DVR should fix it.
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