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First off, Welcome!

Your first question - would you replace the HR20 with an H24 - I think (hope) you meant HR24, you don't want to give up DVR capability. Personally, I would not as long as the HR20 is working fine I would stick with it. Especially if you are considering getting an HR34 when they are available to you.

As to "getting screwed", as I'm sure you are aware there is no way a CSR can guarantee you any specific model. It's pretty much luck of the draw when you order an HD DVR or HD Receiver. However, I have one HR24-500, two HR22-100's, and an H21-200 active right now, and all work just fine as far as I'm concerned. I really do not see any noticeable difference in performance between the different units (okay, the HR24 is a little faster - but not to the point that I'm bothered by the HR22's).

If you need more tuner capacity, then the HR34 will certainly give you that. However, it is still early in it's public release and is not as "refined" as the HR2x series. You say you don't have space problems, I'm assuming hard drive storage capacity on your DVR. Do you have problems with not having enough tuners to record everything you want? If yes, then the HR34 will solve that. If not, then you really won't be gaining anything by spending $399 for an HR34.
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