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I've a slightly differing view to offer.

The HR20-700 has limitations such as no 3D and it has a smaller disk drive. Further the series is at 4 to 5 years old meaning hard drive end of life is near and power supplies likely are nearing their end of useful life as well.

The HR20-700 also runs hotter and requires more air circulation (side and top venting) so it's placement options are more limited.

I still have 2 of them and teeter between swapping them out for HR24s myself but likely will let them go until failure then I need to decide if it's get a DTV replacement or get one directly (free VS 199 bucks). The only way to know one will get an HR24 is to order one online (or grab one from one of the very few retailers that do have inventory on them for sale).

Bottom line is if it's working you might just want to hang on a bit and see what offering on the HR34 comes out down the road.

Don "this is what I tell myself every weekend of late" Bolton
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