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I am a major lurker/reader and have been for double digit years. Most of the time I have just researched these forums and always found my answer. But I registered so I could ask a question or two. BTW: This is the most informative and knowledgable Sat group for DTV I have found since I got Sat which was in the 90's I still got the old GF Network channels but have to pay 14. every month to keep them. So its bitter-sweet. I am just qualifying my post to ask this question:

1-HR23-700 (Was supposed to be HR24) re-upped last month got screwed
Whole house with SWM switch.

Whew-Please forgive me.

I am thinking of just ordering a HR24 from Solid-Sig so I get what I want. I just reupped so the time requirement is no big deal.
1. Would you just replace the HR20 with a HR24?
2. Would you just add a HR24 and keep the HR20 for the outside area in the spring, summer, fall?
3. I wanted the HR34 but they told me it would be March before available in my area. Would you just wait for this unit even though it is more money?
4. The HR24 is $99. and the HR34 will be $399. I do not have space problems now because I regularly delete.

What would you do? Add, swap, Upgrade?


NOTE: I edited the DVR's to show (HR) instead of my original post of (H). Thanks for the comments thus far.

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Yep Rookie Mistake:).


(2) H21-200

I am sure it is answered somewhere but I am going to ask anyway.

The recievers show I am getting 1080i. If the TV is capable of 1080P via HDMI and the broadcast is in 1080P does the receiver have 1080P even though the blue light shows 1080I

Thanks Guys/Gals I am already leaning toward just adding a HR24.
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