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Don't understand this stuff too well and the threads confuse me more. I want to wireless network HR20 and PS3. Right now, all I have is my computer to internet via high-speed cable modem. I understand I will need a router, but do I also need a bridge/adaptor. Please help with some very basic, simple info on how to do this, what I need to buy and recommended devices (buffalo?). Thank you

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Some day you may want to do things like Multiple Room Viewing and/or playback on your PC so you want a network that can support HD video streaming.
If you can afford it best results are obtained with wireless N.
Buffalo makes great stuff but they aren't making new gear due to the lawsuit from that company that buys overly-broad patents and then tries to extort money from companies that actually make useful products.
Recommend the official DirecTV adapter, the dual-band (2.4 & 5 GHz) Linksys WGA600N.
Get a Linksys dual-band wireless router to go with, WRT600N or WRT610N.
Have you looked at this thread for setup info?

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The very best thing to do is pull cable and build a wired Ethernet network. But of course that may not be very easy, so either wireless (WiFi) or powelline adapters are the way to go. As Steve said, for WiFi, you want the “N” standard as it is fastest.

Regardless of how you get them connected, you will need a router. You really only need a wireless router if you network the HR20 and PS3 via WiFi, but you’ll probably find the price of router with wireless not much more than one without. Also, having it will make your network ready if you later decide to add a laptop or other WiFi devices to the network.

If the HR20 and PS3 are in the same cabinet or rack, you can get away with only one Ethernet adapter there. If you go with WiFi, you’ll want what is called a wireless bridge. It has WiFi to talk to the wirless router, and several wired Ethernet ports to connect the HRT20 and PS3. They do make individual wireless adapters you can use in case the two devices are in separate places. If you go powerline Ethernet, you need two powerline adapters – one to connect to the router and another for the HR20/PS3 to share (if they can). To share a powerline adapter, you’ll also need a wired Ethernet switch there to “split” the signal into multiple lines. If the HR20 and PS3 are not near each other, then you’ll need a third powerline adapter (but no switch for sharing, as each device will have its own adapter).
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