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HR20 and the RCR815 Remote

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Ok, I went cheap to lessen my 4 remote coffee table and got the RCA RCR815 learning remote.

So far, it is managing my system ok, but I actually have a tech question about the remote and wanted to see if any of you with it have experienced this. I have searched the RCA site and it doesn't address my specific problem. I've searched this forum as well as others and so far, haven't run across it, so if it IS limited to my remote, I may exchange it for a different one.

Here is the issue.

The Remote has "mode" buttons at the top labeled SAT, VCR, DVD, TV...etc.

So far all work as I think they should, EXCEPT, when I try to control my VCR by first pressing the mode button (VCR) and then play, record, whatever the remote sends a signal out to my TV and changes its INPUT away from what it was currently in.

This is very annoying, for example. My system is on, I am watching "Hero's" from MyPlaylist, I accidently hit VCR mode with my fat finger as I try to push the SAT mode and WHAM...TV mode now goes to "antenna" and I have a snow picture. I then reach up to hit TV mode, Change input back to my HR20, re-hit SAT mode so I get the right functions for that and continue what I was doing...

Anyway, hope I explained it well, but basically, my VCR mode transmits erroneously to my TV to change INPUT modes... Anyone else experience this?

Thanks for your time,

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TheYoke said:
No experience with the remote you're working with. If you had a Harmony remote there'd be plenty of people to help you here. Sorry.
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