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HR20 Digital Audio Optical Issues

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I am new to the Home Theater / HDTV craze!

I am experiencing audio-outs when changing channels on my HR-20 (connected to Yamaha HTR 6010 via digital audio optical). I typically lose sound and the only way to retrieve it is to change the sound field parameter on the receiver RC.

The problem more often than not involves channels in HD broadcasting in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue or direct me to a thread where this issue may have been previously discussed. Is this an HR20 issue??

Yamaha HTR 6010
Samsung S5053
Bose Acoustimass speakers
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I don't think it's an HR20 issue. I have a Yamaha HTR-5960 connected via optical and don't have any problems at all. Is your receiver set to automatically determine audio mode? Mine is and it switches seamlessly between PCM audio on SD channels and 5.1 audio on HD channels.
Thanks for the information.

Spoke to Yamaha USA Tech Support today and they are aware that the problem exists with the HTR 6090 and are working on a fix.
I have having the same problem with my 6090, with optical and hdmi. It is only with my hr20 the hr10 is fine. I had to reset my hr20 two days ago and have had little problem since
No red light out the back of the optical on the hr 20. Hdmi to panny plasma, optical out to denon 4806. I only get surround. My hr10 does dd fine. Anyone got any ideas?
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