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HR20 hard drive issue / questions

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One of my beloved HR20's is suddenly having issues

1) EXTREME lag on accepting remote commands

2) Recordings choke up and stutter

Call D last night, the CSR had me pull the card and a diagnostic showed a hard drive issue

I searched the forum and it appears there are a lot of HR20 issues with the remote commands

Is there any fix you all might suggest?

I'm in the protection plan, so they are sending me a replacement HR20, (need OTA), but I'd rather not lose the recordings stored

Second question, if I wasn't in the protection plan, what would they have done?

Tried to charge me for the broken equipment?

Thanks for amy replies

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Thanks gents

It is an HR20-700 btw

My other HR20 is older and was "buggier" in the early days but this one was always solid

Can't wait to see my refurb....

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