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How would you grade the 0x254/0x255 software release?

HR20/HR21/HR22: Report Card 0x254/0x255

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It's been well over a year since we last did this, so I though I'd give it another shot.

0x254/0x255 was made available on 16-Jul-2008.

How would you grade the 0x254/0x255 software release?

0x254/0x255 Report Card B- (3.587)

There is no absolutely correct answer to this question.
Simply choose the answer that best fits the you.
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I have two HR20-700s

One is totally fine, the other needs a reboot almost every day in order get rid of 771s. And that only started happening after 0x254/0x255 released.

I grade it a 'D'. My wife would grade it an 'F'.
Just one HR-21 here. Remote response is still slow.
I gave it a D because of the blank recordings, the need to reboot the receiver every week since it becomes very slow, mediashare performance.
I grade it a C...might even give it a C+ if that was an option. This is up from a year ago. The high number of patches continued during the last year...some causing significant issues. From the outside looking in the QA at DirecTV is still lacking. I believe the quality of the HR2X series is the weak link in a customer's DirecTV experience....they can do much better.


1. Audio/Video Sync Issues are better than they were in the past.

2. DoD is a reasonable video delivery service. It's not "On Demand", but it does work. UI could be a lot better and much faster.

3. Machine is more stable than a year ago not rebooting as often.

4. Game Search works and helps.

5. Addition of 30 second skip was a nice improvement.

6. Remote scheduling works well.


1. It still is undependable when it comes to the Blue's Clues/daily shows issues...but on weekly shows it has been better.

2. The UI and response to remote is just slow. Is it horrible? No...but it is far slower than any other consumer device we have.

3. Mediashare is inconsistent at best...it's so bad we have given up on using it for videos, the software lacks the functionality to make it useful for viewing pictures (rotation/zoom, etc). This feature borders on being an embarrassment on a device such as this.

4. Channels I Receive after yet another year still does not work.

5. The Parental Controls still don't work well enough that you could let a young child have access to the box on their own.

6. Search still pulls up channels that can't be watched and presents show titles from stations that should be blocked.

7. No MRV yet.

8. Showcase still shows content from a year back (NFL highlights) and Movies Now appears to be shoe-horned in to the UI.

9. The remote command that require Push to Hold (slow motion, skip to tick) are poorly implemented and very difficult to use.

10. Guide Data is still poor when compared to other DVR systems.
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Ken S said:
The high number of patches continued during the last year...some causing significant issues.
Well, the poll is about the current national release and your experience today .. not what happened in the past. :grin:
i gave it a B, just because of my media share being inconsistent. im happy other than that.
I gave it a C, mainly for the fact that I had never had a blank recording until this release and since I've had 2.
Voted 'C', though would give it 'C+' if had the option. That's down from the 'B' I gave it last year. Reason: last year I didn't have any missed or blank recordings.
I gave it a B for slow guide speed and response times. Other than that I'd give it an A.

I would love to see MRV as part of it but I didn't take that into account.
I guess I am generous, I gave both of mine an A. They come to class on time, and do what they are told.
Doug Brott said:
Well, the poll is about the current national release and your experience today .. not what happened in the past. :grin:
And my grade was based on the current condition...but part of the current condition is the high likelihood that we will continue to receive numerous patchs ;)
I went with a C. Although I have had good stablity, I would still say that the software is not meeting my expectations.

1. Slow UI, changing channels, between menus
2. Have not resolved 50 SL issue
I gave it an "A" since it appears to had fixed my OTA audio recording issue using the AM-21 with PBS. MPEG-2 FF and REW still seams to be a little flakey. But in general it has made my DVR's more reliable.

Now if I could only say the same for my "DTVPal/Echostar/Dish" converter I got from Sears Dish as part of the analog to digital transition.
I gave the receiver an A, based on the number of issues I have with it in its current state.

very responsive
rarely locks up or needs an RBR
smooth preformance with interactive features, DOD, and game lounge
ease of use

all of the above give good reason for a box to have a high score... could it have done better in some unmentioned areas? Sure! and I could also stand to loose a few pounds, quit smoking and learn to juggle. Just like me, the box may not have every dream frill I want, but it gets the job of delivering home entertainment to me consistently everyday, and I still can't juggle to save my life.

p.s. to all of those who do have issues with blank recordings lock ups slow responsiveness, I guess i got lucky, i never have had any of those issues even durring high risk CE's I rarely have to RBR my box even though i have friends and family who do, and I understand your pain!
I graded it a B. I’ve had no issues specific to this release. However, I’ll wait until the new fall TV season is in full swing and the DVR’s are getting a real workout to see how things are.

Oh, and if it had MRV, I’d have given it an A+++!
Overall it rates an "A" from me. Solid performance in doing what it is supposed to do. Minor glitches I can live with so its good to go.
jaxfan said:
F - Still no "something better than DLB"
Oh, so you don't use any of the other features :shrug:
gave it an A. Have no problems with either of my DVR's.
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