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HR20 - One ATSC tuner or two?

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Been reading up on a few things... But I seem to have read conflicting info on this...

Maybe because at one time this functionality was disabled?

Could you clear this up for me?

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HR20 receivers have a dual ATSC tuner. They can receive and record two programs at once, be they two OTA, one OTA/one SAT, or two SAT.
Mine can record two HD OTA channels at once so I'd have to say 2.
Thanks... Not sure why I thought the answer might be one, but after a lot of reading up on the AM21, somewhere along the way I started thinking maybe the HR20 was just one... Didn't make sense, but then I just had to ask.
The functionality of the HR20 and HR21+AM21 is identical.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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