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HR20 only recording all of some shows

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This was originally posted on the D* website, and ironically, I've been seeing many people getting referred here. So here it is.

Ok, I'm stumped, and apparently so is the D* support staff. I've had the HR20 now for 2 weeks, and I'm having trouble getting it to record all of some programs. The first 8 or 10 times this happened, I dismissed it as "I'm a moron and can't get it to record right." But now I'm at 18 or 20 times, and it's killing me.
This happens on different channels, and different recording types (single-run shows, series links, etc.).

I set a program to record, let's say a normal series like CSI. After it's been completely recorded (next day let's say), I pick the recorded program from the List, and begin to watch it. 3 minutes into the episode, the screen pauses, and I get a pop-up message asking me if I want to Keep or Delete this recording. Ummm...

So I checked the recording properties and it recorded for all of 3 minutes, and this show was #1 on my prioritizer list.

The same thing has happened to me on 3 different channels (CBS, TBS, and ESPN), with series shows, and single-record shows - but it doesn't happen every time - more like 50% of the time. I've checked and re-checked the recording properties, changed the time to 10 minutes early, 1 hour longer, etc., with the same result. As an example, last night's Two and a Half Men recorded for 2 minutes, from 8:58 to 9:00 (it stopped recording just as the program was starting - I had it set to start 2 minutes early), but last week, it recorded the whole episode just fine.

After spending 45 minutes on the phone with tech support, switching the sat-in cables (1-to-2 and 2-to-1), and performing a reset, I get the same problem. Oh, and I got the Ox3e update, or whatever it's called. Same problem.

This is like HR20 roulette. Will I get to see CSI this week?

Can someone PLEASE help me??!!
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Wow, don't tell me that I've now stumped the D* phone technical support, the D* website technical support staff, and now dbstalk.com...
I apologize. I've looked and haven't found an answer to this exact problem. Link?
LameLefty said:
Okay here's my theory: people have reported that if the HR20 loses signal it truncates the recordings, sometimes leaving them as partials and unplayable, sometimes not (though it's been awhile since the rash of "Rain Fade Killed My Recordings!" threads). Perhaps you have an intermittent signal issue - wind or rain affecting the dish, coax or multiswitch starting to go bad, etc. I would seriously look into those issues before you listen to those who advocate dumping the box in a landfill.

Alternately, and if this is it, blame it squarely on a bug in the HR20. Padding recordings doesn't seem to work well AT ALL. Just click the entry in the guide and record it that way with no padding and see if that helps.
Thanks for the help. This is very frustrating. I would tend to dismiss your signal problem - I get 90+ signal strength on all satellites, the multiswitch is new, and everything worked great a couple short weeks ago with the 10-250. But I'll certainly look into those issues you mentioned.

I have tried recording directly from the guide, and about half the time, I get the same problem - it only records a partial show.

I understand that I'm new, but if anyone can point me to a place where this specific issue has been discussed before, I would greatly appreciate it.
glennb said:
It's a software bug.

Not much more insight we can provide at this time.
Thank you. :)
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