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This is a release candidate, available for force download on 1/8/2007 and 1/9/2007. If you did not try to pull this version during the two windows... you will not be able to obtain this version until it goes national.

  • Stability
  • Audio/video 3-5 second off after trickplay
  • Sporadic DD audio drop outs
  • Recording reliability: auto record keyword, title, series-link, and manual recordings should all work as expected.
  • Trickplay reliability improvements
  • Black screen on playback of a recording
  • Sporadic "Do You want to Delete?" on playback of a recording
  • Reboot after software download equal to reset button

  • Improved guide rendering speed
  • HDMI TV Compatibility
  • Faster audio/video recovery after trickplay
  • CallerID
  • ATSC tunning improvement

New Features
  • The following keys will bring the box out of standby and go straight to screen: Power, Guide, List, Menu, Info, Channel Up, Channel Down

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