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HR20 record same show two different networks?

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I have a HR20-100 with the latest national release on it. After the mpeg4 change over today, I wanted to set up a series link to record Hogan's Heroes in HD from HDNet (I could not receive this channel due to trees before).

I already have a series link for Hogan's Heroes on TVLand, and want to keep it also. When I add the new series link both show no upcoming episodes in the prioritizer (every after a few hours). I have it set to record new and repeats and keep all.

Anyone run across this before? Suggest a way around it?
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Should work just fine. I have 3 series links to Cops on various networks (yes, it's a vice). Give it until tomorrow and see if the To Do list is populated. If not perhaps delete both series links and recreate them.
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