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Hey guys,

Thught I would solicit a little input from anyone out there.

Yesterday our HR20 started behaving weirdly, whenever we changed channels the banner across the top would not disappear and you had to hit exit to get it go away.

Anyway this morning I was watching it and Noticed in the system setup, that the software version was 0x00. I figured a restart was in order and maybe an update had come down recently. So I restarted the box and then everything fell apart. First the system would not come out of restart and it turned out that it went into power standby mode. I got it to come out of stand by but then the access card was read as invalid and it would not complete starting up.

With a CSR I got that reset and got the system to come up, but then the system could not see any HD channels, or any of my local channels. Up to this point all my recordings were still there and still functional. Now I have a new receiver on the way should arrive wednesday and looks like I am out of luck as far as HD is concerned.

Turns out that for some reason this system will not recognize my dish type or my LAT and LONG position, time zone or anything I have tried to reset those a few times with no luck. It even set my parental controls without me doing it, I had to get Directv to reset them. But it still seems to function in SD mode.

Very strange! Anyone have a similar experience? I would like to get HD back up even if for only a day or two for the games tomorrow and a few shows before the new receiver shows up.

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