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Is the 0xEF improvement to 30s Slip a suitable workaround to 30s Skip?

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jkc120 said:
I'm quite happy with the new 30s slip. I actually prefer it to a 30 second skip, the reason being I can queue up 6-7 of them, and hit skip back when I see a frame from a show after a commercial. This allows for slightly varying commercial break lengths. With 30s skip, I might land 30-60 seconds short of the restart of the show, or land 30 seconds into a show.
I could not agree more. After using the 30s skip on the TiVo for a month I ended up disabling it mostly because you had no idea where you would end up. I have only been watching TV this evening, but so far I LOVE the 30s slip in EF. Its FAST, I know where the video is at all times, and I know exactly how many slips I have queued. I have to hand it to D* on this one. They are really starting to raise my standards of what I expect from them. And that is a good thing!! Based on this, Dual Buffers should be here any day now! :D:D:D
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