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Is the 0xEF improvement to 30s Slip a suitable workaround to 30s Skip?

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Milominderbinder2 said:
Slip is Now Better Than Skip!

The HR20's Slip lets you see where you are and hit Replay to come back out.

You need to have an option on your survey:
The HR20 Slip is now BETTER than the old TiVo Skip.

- Craig
Thanks, MMB. I couldn't have said it better. Obviously there are two camps to this question and I understand the wish for a secret backdoor to activate a potential skip but it seems like the commercials are now being played in different timing segments to mess up the skip. Being able to watch it in the new much faster slip speed now allows me to adapt to every commercial break and not come back to the content blindly. I can also laugh at the holiday Clapper and Chia Pet commercials. :lol:
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