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OK, I was on the priority list for the HR20s and got the call yesterday (voice recorded Sue) saying there were in and I have 2 weeks to claim mine!! So I want to call over the weekend and order...but...how should I work the deal? I know if I ask the price, they are going to hit me for $299. If they are in such demand, will they just tell me to take a flying leap if I balk at the price? I want to get the best deal possible and have it installed rather quickly (I'm redoing my family room during Xmas week and the room will be torn up, so if they try and install, they won't be able to test). Now, I believe, Cablevision in my area would charge me $9.99 a month for the DVR, plus $5 (approximately) for the receiever rental? (at least that's how I understand it), so in reality, the cost is similar.

No upfront costs
$9.99 for DVR fee
$5 for STB fee
approximately $15 per month
X 24 (legnth of D* commitement)
=$360 over 2 years

$299 upfront costs
$4.99 mirroring fee
$5.99 DVR fee
approximately $11 per month
x 24
= $563

Now compare the packages that I get with D* with what I would get with CV* (I will exclude NHL CI for now, which are the same price).

Total Choice Plus = $48.99
HBO = $12
Protection plan (not needed with CV) = $7.99
Aproximately = $69

Broadcast Basic = $9
Family Cable = $38
IO Package = $10
HBO = $12
Approximately = $69

So you can see, the packages are the same, and this includes MORE HBOs with CV, and all the HD for free that I would have to spend an additional $10 a month on. With that $10 a month, I could upgrade my CV package one higher level and get TWO more movie channels. Plus MSG network in HD. Plus, factor in that getting the CV package will lower my cable modem by $10 ,and it makes no sense to really stay with D* for anything above $99 for the HR20.

To me, the only plus that I would get would be the convenience that I already have D* and it's working well, and I'd be able to keep my second existing DVR which is Tivo. That and going through the hassle of switching out everything, leads me to WANT to stay with D* with the hopes that they will begin to keep their promises.

What do you all think?
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