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HR21-100: 0x0251 - Issues Only

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HR21-100: 0x0251
Staggered release began 7/9/08.

Release notes:


Remember, of course... please keep all posts to issues only. If you have no issues, or simply want to discuss other issues related to this release, please use the discussion thread.

We ask that you keep polite and focused within this thread, and post as much detail as possible. If your receiver is set up for network issue reporting, please post the key generated by the receiver.

Being part of the DBSTalk community means working together to help each other document issues and come up with solutions. While everyone gets upset from time to time, this is not the appropriate place for vents or rants.

All off-topic posts and discussion will be deleted.

Please continue to submit all examples of black or gray recordings: http://www.iamanedgecutter.com/Projects/BGRecordings and use the diagnostic reporting tool. DIRECTV is still focusing on eradicating them with our help. Thanks!
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I am noticing something on both my HR21-100 and my HR20-700 that I don't like. It's not a huge deal, but I'd still don't like it. :)

When the screensaver comes on, and the DirecTV logo starts bouncing around the screen, it leaves a little line of blue (from the side of the logo) at the edge of the screen where it bounces. After a while, you have a blue line almost all the way around the screen.

This is happening on both my DVRs and obviously on both my TVs (which are made by differnent manufacturers).

My box has been perfect and then tonight it locked. I restarted and finished the show and it locked up again at the delete screen. So I check online and I see we got a new update. I hope this isn't a issue that will be a pain in the you know what for very long.
I'm posting this in the software and programming forums. I noticed this issue on my three HR20-700s and the HR21-100 after the new NR. But, it could also be a coincidence, and a D* reception/transmission problem.

D*'s MPEG4 HD LiL of KAKE-10 in Wichita, KS has "jerky" video and a horrible lip-sync problem, greater than a second. The video isn't fluid motion, but very briefly pauses at a constant rhythm. It's unwatchable.

The problem is with any video source being broadcast, local, or network, SD or HD.

However, the D* MPEG2 SD feed however is fine, with no problems.

Also, the KAKE-DT OTA signal is prefect. There are no video/audio problems at all, viewing via the HR20s and using the HDTVs ATSC tuners. So, the problem doesn't appear to be on KAKE's end.

The other two stations (KWCH and KSAS) that have MPEG4 HD counterparts are fine.

UPDATE: Called the CE at KAKE. He says that D* uses OTA capture for this market. So, the problem is somewhere within D*'s control.
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The remote response for guide and menu navigation is still laggy and awful....this has never been good, so it may just be the way it has to be.

******Strike this comment. I have not received this update yet*********
I usually get the national releases on day 1 (I'm guessing because I'm in San Diego?), but couldn't even force a 251 download--it always retrieved 235. However, tonight mine went from 235 to 255 all by itself. I guess 251 wasn't a smashing success?
Well, this is currently the only place to say this 255 feedback, though a 0x255 list should open up soon! First exposure--boy has this thing taken a zippy pill (compared to how it was--still slow compared to everyhing else
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