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HR21-100 Canceled Recording error

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Yesterday I had set my HR21-100 to record the Braves game Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m CST on channel 649 on SportsSouth HD Channel. When I came home and to watch the game, it did not record. the HR21 had canceled the recording saying that The showing was canceled because the channel was no longer available (6). I was madder then a wet hen! :mad: This is not the first time that this had happen. The same thing happen two weeks ago on ESPN2 HD. Has this happen to anyone else? If so, DIRECTV needs to know about this bug so they can fix it.
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This error was very frequent a couple months ago, and was addressed with some success a couple releases ago. Here's hoping they work on it some more. It really sucks on sports were a replay is usually not an option.
I've seen this the last three times in a row I've tried to record a game on NHLCI, the first occurrence being about a week ago. The most recent one said "Canceled by Viewer" in the History, followed by "The showing was canceled because the channel was no longer available (6)." for the same game in a subsequent History line. I assure you no "viewers" canceled that recording.

Has anyone else suddenly started seeing this happen recently? Called DTV and "we'll let the engineers know about it right away" claptrap. Between a lack of Versus and not being able to successfully record games on NHLCI, I'm very close to jumping ship.

Time to "brick" the Hr2xs and replace them with the new HD Directivos! Directv: give us some information as to when the new Directivo will be released. We want DVRs that do at least one function correctly: record shows.
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