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Hr21-100 Not Powering On.

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I am new to D and just had it installed 2 weeks ago, but I am having a problem with my HR21-100. When I go to power it on it does not startup, I have to either reset it by unplugging it or pressing the red reset button next to the card. It has happened 4 times already. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Should I call D and get it replaced? My other boxes 1 which is just a DVR and the other 2 which are the standard boxes have no issues.
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Looks like you've done everything I would recommend. This may sound like a stupid question, but are you sure that your remote is programmed for the right DVR? That's about the only other thing I could think of, other than seeing if it responds to the power button on the front of the unit.

If you've done all that, I'd definitely call D* and see what they can do. If you have the protection Plan or it's still under its original warranty, you should have no problem getting it replaced.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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