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Hr21-100 Not Powering On.

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I am new to D and just had it installed 2 weeks ago, but I am having a problem with my HR21-100. When I go to power it on it does not startup, I have to either reset it by unplugging it or pressing the red reset button next to the card. It has happened 4 times already. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Should I call D and get it replaced? My other boxes 1 which is just a DVR and the other 2 which are the standard boxes have no issues.
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MartyS said:
Looks like you've done everything I would recommend. This may sound like a stupid question, but are you sure that your remote is programmed for the right DVR? That's about the only other thing I could think of, other than seeing if it responds to the power button on the front of the unit.

If you've done all that, I'd definitely call D* and see what they can do. If you have the protection Plan or it's still under its original warranty, you should have no problem getting it replaced.
Yes my remote is programmed for the the right HD-DVR, it does not respond to the power button that is on the HD-DVR. I called D but since I am at work I have to call back when I am home to perform some troubleshooting with them over the phone and then they said they will decide if it needs to be replaced or not. I like D alot so I am hoping this can be resolved.
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