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Heres the problem , I had the a HR20-700 and had to many problems with it for 14 months , finaly D replaces it with HR21-100 on 5/30/08 and I have been having problems with it . I have had to unplug it 2 times a week for the last 2 weeks to get it to work , now I get up and turn it on and I have no picture, I can bring up the guide and can go to what I have recorded and hit play, but its just a blank screen . So I unplug it and it reboots, I get my picture back and I go to another channel and the screen go black agian . Agian I can bring up the guide my playlist I see all of that but no picture, I reboot and again the same thing switch channels and the picture goes blank . Any help would be great befor I call D.


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Just a few random thoughts...

Do you have other receivers? Are they working? If not, it could be your multiswitch.

Are your B-Band Converters going bad?

Have you swapped cables from tuner one to tuner two? Do you get the same results?

How are your signal strengths on each tuners?

Multi-switches, B-Band converters, and even the cables feeding from one part of the system to another should be checked.

Just a thought.
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