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mhayes70 said:
There has been lots of reports of this same issue. I have been having it also. But, this past week I have not had any problems. So, if you want to try the CE tonight there is a chance it might be fixed.
:mad: Ok, I spoke too soon. I just had the 771 tuner 2 issue on my HR21 again. Maybe they will have a fix for it tonight.

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cccsdad said:
I keep getting a "searching for Sat on 2" message, once I reset everything seems to be fine; any pending fixes for this?
It's definitely happening on one of my boxes all the time. After I reset, it's good for a couple of days then it's screwed up again. My wife's irrate because it has screwed up some of her "Project Runway" recordings. Hope they fix it soon!

jdoug said:
I have this also on my HR20-100. Always tuner 2. Never on my HR20-700. What's the deal with this? Should I try to get Directv to swap the 100 for a 700? Is this fixed in the CE?
MHayes is right, it's happening on my HR21-700 as well.
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