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I just got my DVR on sunday of this week. When i hook it up and test the signal strengths on both tuners i am getting 20-30% lower signals on the DVR than the H21 that it replaced.(Tuner 2 lower than tuner 1) I have swapped wires to the tuners still no change. when i plug the H21 back in place of the DRV it gets great signals all in the 90's. I have not had any problems with the DVR loosing channels or looking for signals.(but worried about RainFade with low strength) I just need to know if I should just leave well enough alone or if I should call D* for a replacment. also i have checked all connections and evrything looks good. No Mutliswitch.
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It has been reported that the -100 tend to display lower signal strenght readings than other receivers. I have no idea why. This is just the way they are and will operate properly. Hopefully someone else can confirm this for you.
My HR21-100 has lower signal strengths than my HR20-700 and never had any problems
Thanks guys for the info i guess that i will just live with the signal strengths then. like i said other than that it has been working great. I guess if it aint broke...
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