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HR21-200 Won't Keep Preferences

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I just got my D service installed a couple of days ago and the HR21 is great except for a few little niggles.

I can't seem to get it to keep its preferences. I record a couple of animated series of FXHD and they are in SD which pillar boxes the screen. That's fine but with an animated show it's not bad watching it in "stretch-o-vision" yet I can't seem to get the box to do anything. When I hit the Format button it shows the different setting yet the screen stays pillar boxed. I've gone to the HDTV Settings and change the preferences and it never sticks to what I've set it to. Every time I go back it's set to whatever the screen format is at that time. I must not understand it correctly or I'm not doing something right.

The second situation is when I have a series set I want them listed in oldest recording first and have set the preferences to reflect that. However every time I go to a folder it's always back to newest recording first. Any ideas?

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Regarding the format setting, make sure you check the settings on the TV as well. I've messed myself up a couple of times because I forced something on my TV that made it look all wrong.
For some reason my HR21 forgot my pillar box preference yesterday. :confused:
Curious....you mentioned you got the install recently....did they update the firmware?

What version is the unit running?
My TV knows whether the programming is SD or HD and will set the preference for each independently. I can change the screen format through the TV but I'd like a quick down and dirty change through the Directv remote.

I did just get it installed on Monday. It downloaded an update right off the bat. I assume it's running the latest (I'm not at home right now to check the version).
Well I sort of figured out what's going on. If I switch the HDTV preferences from 16:9 to 4:3 I can actually use the Format button to switch resolutions of HD content. If I switch it back to 16:6 I can't switch resolution of any native HD resolution (720p or 1080i) but can across the SD resolutions.

This is unfortunate. My wife and kids want all the screen filled regardless of stretching. I suppose I can get most of the same programming on the SD channels but the HD equivalent is so much clearer that it's quite a trade off.

I can't believe I'm saying this but the SA8300 I left handled this better.:(
crawdad62 said:
My wife and kids want all the screen filled regardless of stretching.
they are "some of those" huh. :nono2:

u need to convert them. :)
If you are watching an HD channel even if it is upconverted SD the DVR will not stretch/crop the picture. Those functions will only work if it is an SD resolution.
Most TVs are the same, they will not crop/zoom/stretch any picture if it is an HD signal.
My TV (Sharp AQUOS) has no problem what so ever changing regardless of the native resolution. It's just that to do so I have to dig out the TV's remote to do it. I was hoping it could be handled effectively from the DVR's remote.
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