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That is really helpful info.

While I have not had 771 problems (unless after a rain fade) I am a great believer in heat being a problem for electronics. I used to be in charge of cable TV headends that would begin to have issues when the ambient temp rose into the 80's, and getting cooling down to 68 literally solved all of those problems. TV stations that I've worked in begin to have all sorts of problems when the ambient temp rises.

For the HR10, Weaknees makes a $9 fan/bracket that is an option when adding secondary drives. My HR10's dropped 15 degrees Celcius AFTER adding a second drive, so I heartily recommend adding the fan/bracket (which is available even if you don't add a drive). $9 is great insurance.

For my HR20, I do much the same thing you do. It sits below my AVR which puts out some heat, so I bought a $12 clip on fan at Target and have that aimed at both from the back. Again, good insurance. I would not suggest removing the cover, as sometimes the cover is integral in channeling the air flow, and could cause the opposite effect to that desired. There was a thread here a while back about lap-top coolers, which might work better in tight installations than the way you and I have approached it. Definitely worth looking into.

Thanks for sharing, this might be something 771 sufferers should try, and even if it doesn't help that so much, IMHO it's still a great idea. I wonder if the heat issue would even be more critical in the HR22 which has a bigger drive, potentially creating more heat?
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