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hr21-700 need BBC?

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I just got an hr21-700 to replace a dfective hr20. This ting is brand new with a manufacture date of 11-07.

I thought I read somewhere where the new units didnt need the external BBCs.

I am looking at the stuff that came with this DVR but I dont see it anywhere.

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You DO need the BBC...just recycle the one that was on the HR20.
As posted above you do need a BBC on each SAT line.

The only unit that does not need one is the H23 (non DVR HD receiver) and any SWM capable receiver connected to a SWM.
I just purchased an HR21-700 a week ago and the BBC's were already attached to the receiver, unlike my HR20 where they were packaged with the accessories and I had to attach them.
The H23, non dvr version, is currently the only receiver that has a built in BBC.

It was no biggie, I already had them on the end of the sat cables, just needed to plug them into the receiver.

I must say, I really like the look of this thing. Matches up with my Pioneer Elite receiver nicely.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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