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HR21 All Recordings Last Night Go to Keep/Delete when played

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I have a fairly new HR21 (2 weeks) with an external eSata drive (MX1 + Seagate 1tb + Siig cable).

Last night, two shows recorded properly at 7:00 and 8:00 but other shows recorded last night, including one at 8:00 were going straight to Keep or Delete when you tried to watch them. The info doesn't show it as a partial recording, but it goes straight to keep/delete, like you were at the end of the show.

When I did a red button reboot, after it booted up, all of those messed up shows were gone from the list.

Is this a known issue with the HR21?
Likely an issue with the external drive (the MX1 seemed like the most reliable setup)?
Or, likely a bad HR21 I need to get replaced?

This seems different than the blank/grey recordings, which will play, but not display anything, which is why I created a new thread.

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The acronym frequently used for this problem is IKD (Instant[immediate] Keep/Delete).

It exhibits some of the same characteristics of the black/grey bug so it is probably related.

You might try running on the internal drive and see if your fortunes change.
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