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I got my HR21 a week ago and can't figure out how to filter by both show type and by date/time. If I pick show type, such as sports, football, then I get a chronological list of all football games starting at the present time. If I want to see all the games on next Saturday, I have to press the page down button a million times.

If I select a date/time, then I only get ALL channel/program information for that date/time. I've tried selecting date/time, then filtering by sports, football, but it then only shows me football games playing on the present time, not on the future date.

For example, with my Tivo I could press guide, then info, then also filter by program category right there in the same screen.

Any ideas how I can do this on the HR21? I've searched the forums and google but I can't find an answer.


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Hmmm, are you trying this in the guide? I know when you have the guide up press the yellow button for options and you can jump directly to a specific date/time. I also see an option for filtering by category but yea, I don't see a way to combine the two.

What you might try is a search for football games and that will narrow the list down a lot and you can one touch record which ones you want pretty quickly. But it will be for the full guide data, but still not bad. I had one for pre-season NFL games and it wasn't bad at all because it only pulled up NFL games. There is an advanced search thread around here where someone like Steve can really help you.

EDIT: Here it is http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=132971
It's pretty wild some of the advanced searches you can do.
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