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I got my HR21 a week ago and can't figure out how to filter by both show type and by date/time. If I pick show type, such as sports, football, then I get a chronological list of all football games starting at the present time. If I want to see all the games on next Saturday, I have to press the page down button a million times.

If I select a date/time, then I only get ALL channel/program information for that date/time. I've tried selecting date/time, then filtering by sports, football, but it then only shows me football games playing on the present time, not on the future date.

For example, with my Tivo I could press guide, then info, then also filter by program category right there in the same screen.

Any ideas how I can do this on the HR21? I've searched the forums and google but I can't find an answer.

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