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HR21 First Run Feature Not Working

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I have two HR21s, and on both units the Season Pass "Record First Run Only" feature stopped working. Both DVRs record every episode even when First Run Only is selected. Is anyone else having this problem? Any known fixes? It seems like this started after the last software download.

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need more info. what channel and what show?
As rhambling said, a bit more info is necessary. There are a number of shows out there where the networks do NOT give the Tribune Company (the providers of the guide information) updated/current/accurate info on the shows being broadcast.

If the guide doesn't have correct information it assumes that all the shows are first run, and records them that way.

Classic examples of this are news shows, like HArdball or Countdown on MSNBC, the Daily Show and Colbert Report on Comedy Central among others.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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