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HR21 has gone batty... Help please.

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A few days ago I decided to try out the online scheduling with directv.com for the new season of Friday Night Lights. I think this is where everything went screwy, I chose to make it the highest priority, and after that it looks like it has wiped out all my previously scheduled recordings.

So no big deal right? I can just re-add them. Well that is not going as planned. I have tried to add all my previous programs, and it looks like they add but then they are getting erased some where down the line.

For example I have re-added Sarah Conor Chronicles & Fringe. I am choosing to make it a series recording first run, and in the guide it will show up with the 3 dots. But when it comes time to record the program that goes away and it fails to record it.

I have tried resetting it 3 times. Forcing it to re-install the firmware, and doing a factory reset. So far nothing is working and this is a real bummer.

Any ideas?

edit: I just checked out the prioritizer and the shows I want it to record are showing up, but then it says there are no upcoming shows for my local Fox channel, Comedy Central, The 101 (FNL), HBO (True Blood), however other stations it is picking up (CBS), (Spike HD), (NBC), and Show Time.
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Same problem here, deleted all of my series settings and at least have been able to record single eps.
It can take a day for the program guide to fill back up. Just leave the DVR running for a while without doing any more resets. The prioritizer has your choices so it's just a matter of time before the to-do list catches up.

What happens is that the program guide gets filled in over a day or so, but the DVR software periodically runs a scan of the guide based on your prioritizer. You can have data in the guide and the prioritizer, but the to-do list scan hasn't run yet.
It refuses to add FNL as either a single or series recording:mad:
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