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HR21 "Searching for Satellite" pattern

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I've lurked on these boards looking for a solution to my 771 errors for the last few months and after my replacement HR21 continues to not record my shows, I think I've found a pattern. I'm interest if anyone else suffering from the 771 phenomenon can duplicate my scenario before I call customer service again.

I can create 771 errors on either input 1 or 2 without restarting or modifying cabling, but the process is tedious so please hear me out. Also, I'm not interested in posting signal strengths, they look good and both inputs are very close to one another.

Using three channels 101, 247, and 249 (T101HD, TBSHD, and COM respectfully) I can repeatedly create these errors, though I'm not certain of the necessity of all steps.

1) Select channel 247.

2) Select channel 101, hit record.

3) Select 249.

4) Select 247, I get a searching for satellite error on 1.

5) Go to Menu->Parental/Favs/Setup->System Setup->Satellite->View Signal Strength.
5a) Select "Yes, Interrupt" since you are recording.
5b) Select "Done", you don't need to wait for the signal readings.
5c) Select “Exit” to clear the menu.

6) Channel 247 is now working.

7) Select channel 249, hit record.

8) Select 247, hit record.

9) Select 101, creating a conflict.
9a) Cancel recording on 249.

10) I get a searching for satellite error on 2.

Can anyone else duplicate this?
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Just in case you receive no other confirming replies, I followed your steps exactly, but got no 771's on an HR20-700 running NR software.
I've lurked here for weeks looking to solve my similar problems, and had to register just to reply to this post, because I believe you may be on to something.

I can duplicate this exactly and reliably, every time I try it.

I have the HR21-100.
Glad I'm not alone. I have an HR21-100 as well with software rev 0x255.
dbsjasper said:
Glad I'm not alone. I have an HR21-100 as well with software rev 0x255.
I first noticed this problem a few weeks back in that I cannot watch any of the HD channels from Sat 103b on Tuner 2 if I am recording an HD channel from Sat103b on Tuner 1, and vice verse.

I can watch channels from Sats other than 103b on either tuner while I am recording a show from 103b on the other tuner, just NOT simultaneously watch a channel from Sat 103b while recording one on the other tuner.
edit..moved my post to the hr21 issues thread...
All who can duplicate dbsjasper's experience should please post their HR2x model number and software version. That's two HR21-100's so far.
I tried this on two of my HR20-700’s (WB68 and AT9) with no problems. My guess is that this is something that is HR21 specific, or is a problem with the LNB, multiswitch or BBC’s.
hr21-200: cannot reproduce

slimline 5 dish (1 year old), no additional multiswitch, no networking, the hr21-200 is brand new (got it about 5 days ago), installer put new F connectors on the coax connecting to the dvr, 0x255. BBCs are the newer black ones. Signal strengths are mostly 90+ across the board. I can't think of anything else that might affect this behavior.
I've been experiencing the instant "do you want to delete this program?" messages for quite some time, so I thought I'd run through dbsjasper's steps to see if I could get the "searching for satellite" message. Low and behold, I can! However, I can only get through step 5. I still see the "searching for satellite" error on 1 after exiting the signal strength screen. This is on my HR20-100.

I then tried it on my HR20-700. I got the "searching for satellite" message on step 3 when switching to channel 249!

This is gotta be why I'm having recording issues. I have a tech coming out on Friday, so I'll walk him through these steps and make sure the error is cleared up before he leaves.

Thanks dbsjasper!!
I have two HR21-100s and can reproduce this on both. Slightly different behavior on each.

On HR21-100 #1:
1. I can reproduce the exact behavior through step 7
2. I get a "searching for signal on 1" on step 8

On HR21-100 #2:
1. I get a "searching for signal on 1" on step 3

My signal strengths on 99c and 103c are bad. I have a service call tomorrow. Thank you for assembling these steps which I can then use to test the changes.

*EDIT* It is only my Tuner 1 signal strengths that are zero or near-zero often. Tuner 2 is fine. If that is true, I am guessing that it may not be an alignment issue, but rather an LNB/multiswitch/cabling issue. Will find out on Friday.
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Followed your steps. Got no error on my HR21-700.

I am running 0x255.
Running 0x255 on HR21-700

Encountered this while dvr was trying to record the Office (NBC) and was watching Law and Order:SVU on USA. Got the 771 error went into the signal strength and the Office came back on. So I set the office to manual record and tried to switch back to svu and encountered the error again. I also noticed that tuner 1 is failing the system test. BTW this is only happening one of my units.
As mention in a previous post, I was able to duplicate the searching for satellite error while following the steps posted by dbsjasper. This was a great tool to have while the tech was here yesterday. I showed him how to reproduce the error and I didn't let him leave until we could no longer reproduce the error.

So far so good. The tech did the following. In my case, the error didn't clear up until he replaced the multi-switch. It's too bad he didn't try that first!

  1. Replaced 2 of my DVRs (swapped my HR20's for one HR21 and one HR22).
  2. Checked the alignment of my dish.
  3. Replaced the coupling connectors at the dish and at my wall plates.
  4. Replaced the multi-switch.
So far the error hasn't shown it's ugly self yet and I was able to successfully record Stargate Atlantis last night without receiving the instant "do you want to delete this recording" message (which I hadn't been able to do for a few weeks).
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Glad to hear that yours was fixed, Sully. Mine was as well after a visit. As background, I have two HR21-100s. Both were suffering from 771 and I could reproduce with the above instructions. One was also suffering from wildly erratic behavior that required frequent reboots.

The solution for my worst DVR:
1. Bad BBCs
2. The installer had chosen Slimline-5 in the setup but picked the one with 72.5 sat. The tech yesterday confirmed that this causes significant random problems like we were seeing. He chose the proper setting.

For my other DVR:
1. Bad BBCs
2. Loose connections

Both have been working perfectly since he left! And he left a couple of extra BBCs.
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This weekend I decided to check all of my connections and found a loose one coming out from the dish. After tightening, I was not able to reproduce my original problem. Interestingly, my transponder numbers were no different after I fixed this connection, but now I can record from two HD channels at once. Unfortunately, my DVR dies 30 minutes later so my jubilation was short lived.
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