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HR21 Slow after Whole Home?

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OK, first, my apology for another slow DVR thread. I've looked around and can't seem to find my exact set of circumstances, so hopefully someone can elaborate on what I need to do to get it fixed.

I have an HR21 that I've had for some time. It was slower at times, like most of them. Then we got the new HD interface and it was alot faster.

Then I went and upgraded to whole home, installed by DirecTV, not me. Since then the performance and response time of this HR21 has degraded significantly, worse than before the HD interface update.

I literally can get 20 second response times to any guide commands(pg up, cursor moves, record command, etc).

Rebooting seems to help for a time, as in a day or two.

The installer told me to keep the DVRs as empty as possible(which defeats the purpose, IMO) or I'd notice a significant slowdown if the drive filled up. Although I was thinking he was referring to streaming a show from the DVR to the regular receiver in the kitchen.

We've been keeping the drive at about 50% where possible, never dipping below around 30%.

Any ideas, or do I have to complain and hope they'll send me an HR24?
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We always had our hr20 full. Even after getting mrv, we had no problems. But the sucker went south the last few weeks getting intorable even after reboots.

Just got the replacement. An hr21-700 made in 2007. Ugh.
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