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HR22-100 Stutters on recorded programs

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For the last few weeks, my HR22-100 receiver has been acting up. It works fine on live TV, but recorded programs have odd glitches, almost hiccups every 30 seconds to every few minutes. If I rewind to the spot that hiccuped, it doesn't occur at the same spot, but will reoccur.

I have run hard drive diagnostic tests (short and file) and they are fine. It makes watching recordings irritating. BTW, I have the same model receiver in another room and it works just fine. Any ideas before I go thru the CS gauntlet??
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Interesting, I've been having the same problem in the last couple weeks too with my HR20-100. I recently added a 2TB external drive so I had thought that that was the problem. But after extensive testing of the drive it comes up fine.

Last couple days it's been working ok though.
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