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HR22 with wireless to ethernet adapter

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I have a Linksys WGA600N.

It has worked fine, though the download speeds seem pretty slow.

However, I can only connect to a guest Wifi network, not my primary Wifi network.

I didn't care until I got an iPad and tried to use the Direct TV iPad app for it. The iPad is on the main network (which it needs to be for other reasons, such as communicating with my other computers).

So I tried switching the WGA600N. First, the HR22 won't let you re-select the Wifi network until I reset the WGA600N. Then it displayed the Wifi networks.

But the problem is it doesn't accept the password for it. Only difference I see is that the password has capital letters while the guest network only has lower case letters and numbers.

Obviously you can enter the capital letters in the HR22 UI but it seems like it's not transferring those characters accurately to the WGA600N, which is trying to connect to the Wifi network.

Anyone else encounter this? I guess I could try hooking up the WGA600N to a computer and configuring it through the web admin interface but can the HR22 UI for configuring the network be broken?
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I use the dlink dwl-g730ap on the hr-21. I do have a trendnet tew-654tr but it does mac address translation and does not work well with ipv6. the dwl-g730ap does a more transparent bridging and ipv6 works fine on it. yes I know the receivers do not do ipv6.
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