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HR23 recent firmware update

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Just a heads up! Two nights ago my HR23 received a firmware update and it appeared my HR20 and HR23 stopped communicating with each other via MRV after the update. I resetup network setup and rebooted. Still didn't see each other. Then I decided to turn on my H23 in another room and I could see both DVR's. When I went back to my HR20 after powering up the H23 it now started seeing my HR23. Very strange that I had to turn on my H23 to clear up the problem. I will have to keep an eye on it and see if this has anything to do with the new powersaver option. If one receiver is in off mode it may stop communication between other receivers and DVR's. Hopefully only if you reboot a DVR we may need to turn all receivers on when we reboot one DVR. My setup is nonsupported but I have a full SWM and DECA install with a BB DECA to my router. So all hard wired!. Has been running great until the firmware update. So far since turning on the H23 all is well.

My equipment: HR20, HR23 and H23. SWM/DECA install. Hard wired.

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Sometimes it takes several hours for the DVRs and Receivers to "rediscover" each other. Resetting ALL of your DVRs and Receivers can sometimes speed that up.
Did you try resetting all of your boxes yet?
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