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I have HR24-500 hooked up now to a Samsung HT 6500W via HDMI. This may be the first time I have a Dolby Digital capable receiver.

What is frustrating, is if I have HR24 output set to Dolby Digital, I get a 2 second delay before the Audio starts after pause, RW, etc. It also looks like the audio is slightly behind the video in a lip synch issue. Which I can't correct because the synching correction goes the other way to delay it even further!

Is this a problem with the HR24 or the Samsung HTIB?

This also happens when connecting the audio through Optical out instead of using the HDMI.

If I set the HR24 output to PCM there is no problem but of course the sound is not as good.

I see some earlier threads on HR20's having this type of problem back in 08. Has this never been fixed on the HR24's?
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