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moisheh said:
I have the HR24, a SWM8 module and the power inserter. It is my understanding that the power inserter can be installed indoors by the RCVR. My run is about 20 ft. from the roof to the RCVR. Why is a short cable a problem? Does the one cable hook up to the #1( sat2) or the #2 port on the rcvr.?

If you have an SWM LNB on your dish and only one DVR, then the one coax from the dish goes to the power inserter, and one coax goes from the output of the power inserter to your HR24. You don't need (and probably shouldn't use) the green splitter.

If you have a conventional LNB and four coax from the dish, and are installing an external SWM8 (shown in dsw2112's post), then from the output of the SWM8 you run a coax to the power inserter, then from the power inserter to the HR24.

If in the future you add additional receivers, then put the splitter in and run a coax to each new receiver.

With SWM technology, the one single coax to a DVR goes into the Sat 1/SWM connector and you leave the second coax connector open.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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